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As a valued member, we have many benefits that you will acquire by joining our Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (NHCC) of Nebraska family!

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Come join the Nebraska Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in their mission of
working for the leadership and the economic development of the Latino –
Hispanic businesses, and the professionals who belong to the Latino-
Hispanic entrepreneurial community. Let’s close the gap together!

Internships and Careers

Our internships allow students to focus on building upon their academic knowledge through hands-on experience. Interns are integrated into a depth of information regarding various economic, social, and educational aspects of the Hispanic community in Nebraska.


  • Internship credit and hours
  • Professional development
  • Networking opportunities and relationship building
  • Increased knowledge of the Hispanic Community
  • Expand Spanish language skills
  • Become more culturally aware
  • Gain industry knowledge
  • Explore a career path


Logistics Volunteers and hostess: we are always looking for business majors, English mayor, bilingual college students, to help out during our events. The commitment is for 4 hours, once a month. The volunteer must be fluent in either English or Spanish. For more information or if you are interested please e-mail us a [email protected]

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